Thursday, 18 August 2016

Tasmanian Speech Pathology Conference

Contact: Sarah Williams, Professional Learning Institute

Date: 22-23 September          RSVP: by 8 September
Location: North

Intended Audience: The program is is designed for Speech Pathologists

Evidence Based Practice for Moderate to Severe Speech Disorders: Treatments, service delivery issues and strategies for problem solving – Presented by Associate Professor Tricia McCabe

Tricia McCabe is Head of Discipline and Associate Professor in Speech Pathology in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney.
  • Tricia's research, teaching and clinical practice are all focused on improving treatments for moderate-severe speech impairments in children and adults. Within this area she has a number of interests including treatments for Childhood Apraxia of Speech CAS, also known as dyspraxia, 
  • Disorders of speech which cause impairments to production of polysyllabic words and longer linguistic units, 
  • The comparison of phonological and articulation treatments to demonstrate relative effectiveness and efficiency 
  • The use of ultrasound for biofeedback in speech pathology.
Tricia is interested in the application of the principles of speech motor learning to new treatments for CAS particularly and articulation and voice disorders more generally. She is also interested in the application of Evidence Based Practice EBP in speech pathology, speech pathology service delivery innovations and exploring professional voice user training.

The SLP Literacy Project: An update – Presented by the SLP Literacy Project Team