Thursday, 4 August 2016

Tasmanian History Teachers' Association Conference

Contact: Louise Zarmati, University of Tasmania

Date: 13 August 2016          RSVP: Tuesday August 9
Location: Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre, University of Tasmania Newnham Campus

Intended Audience: All Teachers and pre-service Teachers

Teaching Australia's difficult history in Tasmania.

Difficult history has recently been the topic of critical analysis in the history, heritage and museums of such countries as Japan, China, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Britain, Ireland and Germany.

The term refers to knowledge about the 'dark side' of humanity, including dispossession, murder, genocide, torture, rape, slavery, pedophilia and the forced removal of children. It can be contested, conflicting and confronting.

The 2016 Tasmanian History Teachers' conference will address problems and issues in the teaching of difficult histories in the new Australian Curriculum, with specific reference to Tasmania.

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