Thursday, 11 August 2016

Positive Education - Professor Lea Waters

Contact: Kate Ambrose, Peter Underwood Centre for Educational Attainment
p: 03 6226 5735   e: 

Date: 13 September          RSVP: Register by 12 September
Location: Hobart

Intended Audience: All teachers and staff interested in being part of the discussions regarding education in Tasmania.

Professor Waters will share with the audience the trends, evidence and advancements occurring in the rapidly growing field of Positive Education. She will show how the initial conceptualisation of Positive Education by Professor Seligman in 2009 as a student-focused "approach to education that fosters traditional academic skills and skills for happiness" has been deepened and shifted by focusing on broader concepts than happiness such as character and well-being.

She will highlight how the field has been expanded to also include research and applications of positive psychology with school staff, parents and school culture.
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