Thursday, 18 August 2016

IPads Basics Workshop

Contact: Peter Hockley, St Giles
p: 62 38 1888   e:

Date: 24 August 9.30 - 12 pm          RSVP: 22 August
Location: South

Intended Audience: Educators and staff who work with children

This workshop will provide hands on training in how to manage iPad settings, including backing up apps, using guided access, using 'the cloud', setting up and managing an iTunes account and using alternate access methods.

We will discuss what an iPad can be used for and look at a range of apps that can be useful in assisting development e.g. fine motor skills, letter formation, visual perceptual skills, literacy skills, communication skills, apps that can be used as a therapy tool across environments e.g. visual schedules, social scripts, calming, transitions, recognising emotion-sand how and when to use technology to create independence as well as social skills. Please bring own I Pad if possible-cost $65