Thursday, 18 August 2016

Free Electroboard Digital Workshop- Snugglepot & Cuddlepie

Contact: Karina Rose, Burnie Arts & Function Centre
p: 03 6430 5850   e:   w:

Date: 7 September 2016, & 12 October 2016
RSVP: Places are limited. Register using link in PDF.
Location: Statewide
Time: 11am
Duration: 45mins max
Cost: Free to Electroboard users

Intended Audience: Years 3-6 & Teacher Development

A digital workshop with Georgia Adamson, actor, educator and original Sydney cast member of the stage play.
Presented by CDP Theatre Producers

Curriculum links
Key Learning areas include Literature, Language, Drama

Term 3
Wed 7 Sept
11 am

Term 4
Wed 12 Oct
11 am

Places are limited! Register here: 0BA27
OR 0BA27