Thursday, 18 August 2016

Update to Infostream Education Notices

The format for Infostream Education Notices is being updated.
This week's edition is the last in the current format.

Check out the new format!

If you are submitting an article for next week please note that the submission form has been updated.

Thanks to those who completed the Evaluation Form form last week.
The response to the new format has been very positive.

We are continuing to collate feedback and make small changes this week so please complete the form if you haven't already done so.

Among other features the new format has
  • coloured tags for news categories
  • improved search options
  • a calendar view
  • improved printing to paper and PDF
  • the ability to sync events to your calendar

Take a Video Tour of the update

Click to take the tour

Evaluation Form to respond to the updated Infostream Education Notices.

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