Thursday, 9 June 2016

Wildlife Education

Contact: Kim Rettig, Succurs for Wildlife
p: 0402 277 014   e:

Date: Commencing in 3-4 weeks           RSVP: ASAP
Location: All interested schools over a period of 12 months

Intended Audience: Upper Primary School children

I am a Registered Nurse/Midwife and Lactation Consultant at the RHH and on my days off I am a wildlife rescuer for Bonorong. Having rescued many injured and orphaned Tasmanian native animals, I have been moved by the number of animals and the intensity of their suffering on our roads, and in our communities.

I have therefore devised an ongoing awareness raising campaign in response to this situation. I have met with relevant stakeholders, have done an appropriate training session with Greg Irons founder and Manager of Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and I have started a fundraiser called 'Succurs for Wildlife' please see my FB page:, to get involved and for more information.

I am making succulent terrariums hence the spelling succurs, 100% of funds from the terrariums is being used to fund a huge moving billboard on the side of a Metro bus, covering all areas of Hobart. The message on the bus is 'slow down dusk til dawn' with a picture of an orphaned baby Tasmanian Devil, you may have seen it!!

I am an experienced public speaker and as such I am offering my time free of charge to come into the classroom and provide education about Tasmania's awesome wildlife, their habitats, threats, care and rescue as part of my education and awareness raising campaign. The education sessions will be light, fun, interactive and positive no disturbing images, or stories. As previously noted, the education session are devised and endorsed by Greg Irons.