Thursday, 9 June 2016

Promethean ANZ Webinar ActivInspire and Maths - A Piece of Cake!

Contact: Mark Carrington, NextBand
p: 0438 367 707   e:

Date: Tuesday June 14 2016 4pm AEST     RSVP: Register online by 14 June  4pm
Location: Free Online Webinar

Intended Audience: Classroom Teachers and Numeracy Leaders

Number knowledge and place value are pivotal strands in any mathematics curriculum, yet they are areas our students often still need a lot of practice or support in.

This session will take a look at quick and easy ways teachers can resource lessons to support these strands using the tools and resources within the ActivInspire software. During the session, we will cover:
• Place value basics
• Fractions and Decimals
• Exploring Number systems Decimal and Binary

This Webinar will not be age specific. Examples across many year levels will be shared and, as always, remember that most ideas and activities can be adapted to be used for different age bands anyway.