Thursday, 23 June 2016

National Tree Day 2016 - free seedlings available

Contact: Carlton Cox, Forest Nursery and Seed Centre
Forestry Tasmania
p: 0458 100 082   e:

Date: Offer open until Thursday 30 June    RSVP: Thursday 30 June
Location: Statewide

Intended Audience: All Schools and Colleges, both public and private

Forestry Tasmania has been supporting National Tree Day for the past ten years and has donated more than 76,000 seedlings!

If your school is participating in National Tree Day, Forestry Tasmania can help.

Our staff have been busy propagating 6,000 seedlings and there are 12 different species of trees and shrubs available for planting.

The seedlings are available free of charge to schools simply by returning the attached order form to our nursery by Thursday 30 June, 2016.

Please save the completed form and return via email.

To assist schools to select the right species we have also attached an information sheet.

Forestry Tasmania will endeavor to complete all orders but may need to adjust quantities based on demand.

To find out more about National Tree Day visit

Please note: The seedling request order form PDF allows data to be entered via your computer and saved to a new completed PDF that can be attached to an email and sent back to the Forestry Tasmania nursery for processing. Please ensure you save the form to your computer FIRST before opening it to fill in the required fields.
Order Form
Seedling Catalogue