Thursday, 23 June 2016

Hobart Extinction Matters BioBlitz

Contact: Andrew Hughes, Bookend Trust and City of Hobart
p: 0488 046 353   e:

Date: 2 September 2016          RSVP: Early bird closes 21 July
Location: Queen's Domain

Intended Audience: All Southern Schools

Schools are invited to register groups for an early bird RSVP to participate in the schools day for the upcoming Extinction Matters Bioblitz on the Queens Domain, Hobart Northern schools, please see separate notice for the Latrobe event.

Scientists and expert naturalists will be accompanying small groups for surveys and activities to document the biodiversity of the site.

The BioBlitz are a partnership between the Bookend Trust and the City of Hobart with major contributions from many leading scientific and education agencies such as TMAG, RTBG and UTAS, plus an inspiring collection of experts willing to work with students to explore the city's big backyard.