Thursday, 9 June 2016

Gifted Online GO Semester Two Enrolments Now Open

Contact: Kent Poulton, eLearning Programs
p: 0428 035 871   e:

Date: Terms 3 and 4      
Location: Online

Intended Audience: All DoE Teachers

Gifted Online GO Semester two enrolments now open.

Enrolment information
To access an online form for proposing enrolments DoE authentication required.

Enrolment form
As many of these programs fill quickly it is recommended that schools consider program selection based upon the student's area of ability or interest. A contact teacher and support person needs to be nominated by each enrolling school. Both these roles may be filled by one person.
  • Hypatia's House Years 2-3
  • So Far So Good! Years 2-3
  • Holly's Heroes Year level: 4-6
  • CodeXX Years 5-10 
  • Socrates Café: Book Years 4 - 6 
  • Socrates Café: Topical Years 5-6 
  • Coding Python4WhipSnakes Years 5-8