Thursday, 2 June 2016

Fiji Power - Free trip for Teacher and for Students

Contact: David Dieckfoss, Bookend Trust
p: +61408138111   e:

Date: Fiji Trip in September/October          RSVP: 31 July 2016
Location: Statewide

Intended Audience: Secondary Students and Teachers

Are you an Australian student or teacher who would like to learn about renewable energy, help a village in Fiji and perhaps in the process win a trip to Fiji?

If you are a Year 9 or 10 student, research and submit proposals for a reliable renewable energy supply for a remote Fijian medical centre and you could be on your way to Fiji. Investigate hydro, solar thermal and other renewable sources of power as part of your science studies. Students in Year's 7-8 are also invited to complete the assignment to be in the running to win a Fiji Power t-shirt and certificate.

Your Task at a Glance

Research two forms of renewable energy that could be used at the medical centre.
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Submit a slideshow or short video with your proposed solution by the 31 of July 2016.
Be willing to win a free trip to Fiji and help install a renewable energy supply.