Thursday, 23 June 2016

EGG - Terrapin Puppet Theatre & Melbourne Theatre Company

Contact: Susan Ikin, Devonport Entertainment Centre
p: 03 6420 2900   e:

Date: Tuesday 26 July at 11.00 am         :
Location: Devonport Entertainment Centre

Intended Audience: An Eco-adventure for all ages

Mashing puckish pranking and wide-eyed wonder, Tasmania's own Terrapin Puppet Theatre combines with Melbourne Theatre Company for this quirky little fable for ages eight to ancient.

Across a dry and dusty desert two tinkers, Clyde and Horse, drag an enormous egg. They can't remember how long they've been dragging it, or why they've been dragging it, or where they are dragging it to.

All they know is that it's really important. Life on their big bald egg of a planet depends upon it. So there's nothing to be done but to go on! Let's tug this great big googy into the future. And who knows? Maybe something wonderful will hatch!

A tale of two forgetful fellows yoked to a yoke. Silly and funny and a little bit cracked, Egg is filled with clowning, puppetry, hope and the promise of renewal.

Tickets for School Groups have been discounted to just $8.50 each with one teacher free per group of 12 students.