Thursday, 30 June 2016

Documentary About the Transition From Grade 6 to Year 7

Grade 6 Teacher or Transition Co-Ordinator - Casting Doco
Princes Pictures 03 8527 2100

 Intended Audience: Teachers of Grade 6 Students

I'm a Producer at TV production company Princess Pictures working on a documentary series for school-aged children's programming.

From childhood to adolescence, moving from primary school to high school is a time of significant change. It can be a time full of fun, excitement and new experiences, but can also be challenging and scary for some kids. This new documentary series will tell the real story of the transition from primary school to high school told by the students who are going through it.

We are looking to cast young people from all around Australia, with diverse educational, cultural and family backgrounds. I was hoping you would let your grade 6 families know about the opportunity - or you'd be happy to recommend some students to audition.

I have attached a flyer for distribution or alternatively students can apply directly at