Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Aurora - Space Science for Kids

Contact: Shanna Rudov-Clark, Tales of Science and Magic, with Arts Tasmania
p: 0418 545 128   e:

Date: Term 3 2016          RSVP: May 27 2016
Location: Touring Tasmanian Primary Schools

Intended Audience: Prep - Year 6

Would you like Dr. Rudov-Clark to visit your school and give a fun and colourful multi-media presentation about the Aurora to your class?

Tasmanian aerospace engineer, lecturer, researcher, mother and author, Dr Shanna Rudov-Clark, has written a book about the Aurora for children.

It explains the relationships between the earth's core and it's atmosphere as well as the interaction between the sun and the earth Earth and Space Sciences stream of National curriculum.

This book is part of the Arts Tasmania Crowbar Collection. It will only be funded if there are sufficient pre-orders of the book by May 27 2016.

By pre-ordering the book for your school via the Pozible website see link you can nominate your school for a class presentation.