Thursday, 19 May 2016

Terrapin's "Egg" An Eco-Adventure in Theartres in July

Contact: Kevin O'Loghlin, Terrapin Puppet Theatre
p: 6223 6834   e:

Date: 22-29 July 2016      
Location: Launceston, Devonport and Hobart

Intended Audience: Upper Primary and Lower Secondary Students

Terrapin Puppet Theatre and Melbourne Theatre Company combine to present "Egg", a brand new family production that mashes together puckish pranking and wide-eyed wonder in an eco-adventure about hope and the promise of renewal. Silly and funny and a little bit cracked, Egg will be performed in Tasmania after its premiere Melbourne season.

Across a dry and dusty desert, two tinkers drag an enormous egg. They can't remember how long they've been dragging it, or why they've been dragging it, or where they are dragging it to. All they know is that it's really important. Life on their big bald egg of a planet depends upon it. So there's nothing to be done but to go on. Let's tug this great big googy into the future. And who knows? Maybe something wonderful will hatch!