Thursday, 19 May 2016

New Units For Open Use

Contact: Kent Poulton, eLearning Programs, Curriculum Services
Department of Education Tasmania.
p: 0428 035 871   e:

Location: Online

Intended Audience: All Department of Education Teachers

A number of units are available through Fronter the Departments virtual learning environment.
These units can be viewed by logging onto Fronter

Using the username: example1
Password: example

copies of these rooms can be requested from eLearning by emailing

Units available include:

  • Into Scratch - introduction to programming using scratch, years 5-8
  • Historical Inquiry - Soldier Search, years 8-10
  • Bee Bots - basic robotics, years 1-7
  • Hands On Science - Biology, years 5-8
  • Hands On Science - Chemistry, years 5-8
  • Hands On Science Physics, electricity years 5-8
  • Game Making, years 7-10
  • Geographic Information Systems, years 8-10