Thursday, 26 May 2016

Match-Day Football

Contact: Graeme Lindsa, Not applicable
p: 03 6362 4390   e:

Date: 3 June to 30 July          RSVP: 12 August 2016
Location: Tasmania wide

Intended Audience: English, Arts and Sports AFL Teachers, Students and their parents

Match-day Football is a challenge to writers and photographers across Tasmania to go to any AFL game in any competition at any level played anywhere in Tasmania between 3 June and 30 July 2016.

Students are asked to write a poem about or take a picture of the events and the atmosphere on the oval and its immediate surrounds from when the umpires walk onto the field to when the last umpire or player walks off at the end of the match. The aim is to show what they consider to be the 'essence of the game'.

The main outcome will be an exhibition of poems and photographs that best reflect the diversity of views and opinions received.

All poems and photographs received by Match-day Football will form a literary and visual picture of Tasmanian AFL football in 2016 and will be offered to the State Library of Tasmania. The more submissions to Match-day Football or entries to its competition received, the better this picture will be.