Thursday, 19 May 2016

Less Sitting

Contact: Laura Cini, Department Health and Human Services
Public Health Services
p: 6166 0669   e:

Intended Audience: Secondary School Teachers, Principals, Youth Workers, Social Workers

Less Sitting!
Public Health Services in the Department of Health and Human Services is launching the Healthy Young People HYP website. The fourth mission to be released is 'We Take a Stand! Sit Less.' Sitting for long periods of time is damaging to your health, no matter how fit you are or whether you are also active every day.

Young people sit for around five out of the seven hours of the school day, often while travelling to and from school and often after school doing homework or using electronic devices. All teachers, school staff, students and families have a role to play in supporting everyone to be more active and limiting unnecessary sedentary time.

Healthy Young People HYP provides free resources on sitting less for secondary school students, teachers, school staff, youth workers, social workers and anyone who works with young people. HYP also has free resources on drinking enough water, adequate sleep, positive body image, physical activity and healthy eating. It includes teaching resources that link to the Australian curriculum.

To see the We Take a Stand! Sit Less resource visit:
Look out for the next of the HYP six missions to be released soon!