Thursday, 5 May 2016

In Search of Safety Program Australian Red Cross

Contact: Xavier Lane-Mullins, Australian Red Cross
p: 03 6235 6001 or 0477 700 991   e:

Date: Terms 2, 3 and 4 2016          RSVP: N/A
Location: Hobart and Launceston Areas

Intended Audience: Teachers

Australian Red Cross is offering a free program that can be incorporated into students' learning curriculum. Called 'In Search of Safety', it explores the experiences of people seeking safe asylum in Australia who are awaiting the outcome of their protection claims after having arrived by boat.

It is experiential learning; partly exploring human rights and global migration facts, dispelling myths and doing empathetic  activities. Most importantly, a Red Cross Staff member is co-working with a willing Volunteer who is living this experience.

Programs are catered for late primary and high school groups, as well as for Teachers. We visit the class twice, 3 weeks apart, to allow developing questions to be explored. To arrange a time for our Team to visit, please contact me on the details below, including for any questions that arise now.

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