Thursday, 19 May 2016

How to Effectively Teach Superb Essay Writing in English and Literature

Contact: Rick Vagnoni, Critical Agendas
p: 5245 7261   e:

Date: June 9 2016          RSVP: N/A
Location: Hobart

Intended Audience: Teachers in the Year 7 to 12 range

This workshop will investigate the following;
  • Having something to say
  • Teaching understanding of the texts/issue by using 'chunking' and 'encapsulation'
  • Knowing what is required
  • Teaching understanding of the task by visually rendering the task and visually rendering the criteria
  • Modelling the task
  • Showing how it is done at the highest level
  • Teaching organisation skills required in essays
  • The Macro Whole essay and Micro Paragraphing levels of organisation
  • Teaching advanced expression skills - Giving students the tools to answer
  • How to quote - How to link - How to achieve compression - How to achieve expressiveness - How to be convincing!