Thursday, 19 May 2016

For the CEO's Sleep Out

If you like your Senior Executives to be miserable, cold, uncomfortable and hungry I have a deal for you.

Intended Audience: All Staff

For the 3rd year I will join other CEO's to participate in their annual CEO sleep out. I don't enjoy sleeping outdoors on a piece of cardboard having had just a warm cup of soup and a dry bread roll for tea, but I have raised over $3000 through my efforts thus far and it has been worth every miserable moment.

If you want to support me you can go to the Vinnies CEO Sleep out website and make a donation to my effort. My family delight in hearing me complain about how miserable I actually was during the cold Tasmanian winter night and they have made the first donation. They also recognise that for me it is just one night per year, for thousands, in fact over a 100,000, it is an unfortunate way of life.

There is no judgement on the value of your donation but as they say every little bit helps.

Stephen Conway
CEO,  TasTafe