Thursday, 19 May 2016

An introduction to the Australian Core Skills Framework

Contact: Jennifer Dunbabin, 26TEN LINC Tasmania
p: 03 6165 6064   e:

Date: 24 May 2016 Hobart
11 October 2016 Devonport         RSVP: 20 May and 7 October 2016

Intended Audience: Teachers who specialise or have an interest in teaching language, literacy, and numeracy

This workshop will provide an introduction to the Australian Core Skills Framework ACSF for those who haven't encountered the framework before.

The framework is a tool that describes and measures language, literacy and numeracy skills in the numerous contexts in which individuals work, learn and communicate.

Come along and discover what the ACSF is and how it can be used to identify learner's skills, to identify the requirements of training, and to plan learning programs and the skill development of learners.

The workshop will be delivered by Jenni Oldfield. Jenni has worked in adult literacy sector for more than 20 years, delivering adult literacy training and assessment in lots of different contexts, including Indigenous communities, prisons, mine sites and aged care homes.

Jenni has developed lots of resources to support the development of adult literacy skills in the community and for work, and for a time she worked as a WELL Broker to establish adult literacy programs in workplaces.