Thursday, 19 May 2016

ALEA PL Using ‘Bump it Up’ Strategies As A Tool For Improving Student Writing

Contact: Margaret Luckman, ALEA Tas South

Date: Thursday 26 May      RSVP: 19 May
3.45 - 5.00 pm
Location: Moonah Arts Centre
23-27 Albert Road

Intended Audience: Teachers

Using 'Bump it Up' strategies as a tool for improving student writing
Presented by Christine Topfer and Brooke Pepper

Many teachers say go back and make your writing better, without knowing how to provide appropriate scaffolds and feedback to help students to improve their writing. There are a variety of strategies to support students in knowing what 'better' looks like. Creating a 'Bump it Up' wall is one way that has proved to be a useful tool for improving writing from Kinder to Year 10. Making 'better' visible is the key.

In this session we will share how we have created 'Bump it Up' walls with active student involvement in K-8 classrooms. You will learn how to support students to improve their writing make it 'better, through making 'better' visible using a series of 'Bump it Up' strategies.
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