Thursday, 5 May 2016

Agfest 2016 - KAAP Kids Ag Awareness Competition

Contact: Ashley Hobbins, Rural Youth Tasmania
Agfest Organising Commitee
p: 03 6331 6154   e:

Date: 5 - 7 May          RSVP: Sunday 5 May 2016
Location: Quercus Park, 415 Oaks Road Carrick

Intended Audience: All-school Groups

What will KAAP the Kelpie be doing at Agfest 2016?

KAAP the Kelpie is ready with some new and exciting missions for all our young patrons. The Kids Agricultural Awareness Marquee is located at Site 908 in Ninth Avenue providing hands on experiences and activities run by Family Day Care Council of Tasmania.

The Betta Milk Jumping Castle and the Seedhouse Tasmania Animal Nursery will be located at Site S50B next to the Unique Taste Pavilion in South Street.

The University of Tasmania are again working with the Agfest Committee to align our program to the National Curriculum with great prizes to be won.

Student Learning trail passport activity Grades 1 to 4 - Students can download the Passport or collect a copy as they enter through the gate when they arrive at Agfest.

Competition Grades 5 to 12 - Learn about careers in agriculture by entering this great competition.

AGFEST 2016 Growing Rural Tasmania!
Agfest Competition
Agfest Passport