Monday, 16 May 2016

Finding Your Path - A Guide to Life and Happiness After School

Contact: Amba Brown, Author
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Date: Available online anytime        
Location: Statewide

Intended Audience: Teaching and support staff working with Years 11 and 12 students

Year 12 Transition
"Finding Your Path" is a book written by Amba Brown with a Positive Psychology approach. It seeks to offer support and inspiration through the major transition from school to adulthood.
The chapters explore various pathways including work, study and travel by outlining their benefits so students can actively contemplate their options and make informed decisions.
There is a focus on building skills in reflection and self-awareness in order to create a path of integrity and happiness.

This book is a potentially useful addition to the suite of resources available to staff working with young people in preparation for transition.
The target audience is school leavers – making this resource worthy of consideration for all teachers dealing with Years 11/12 students and planning transition materials and activities.
There will be a group of students who respond and relate well to the different style and approach to sharing of key messages that is provided in this publication.