Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Sketchbook Project

Contact: Dianne Sheehan, Devonport Regional Gallery
p: 6424 8296   e:

Date: 1 March - 6 April, 2016          RSVP: 6 April, 2016
Location: North West Tasmania

Intended Audience: All ages

The Sketchbook Project is back again this year to help celebrate National Youth Week and we would love to have you involved.

Last year Devonport Regional Gallery and their young members the Droogs distributed over 400 sketchbooks to schools, young people and community members across the North West of Tasmania even as far as King Island!, but only received 60 filled sketchbooks back for the exhibition at Reclaim the Lane, Devonport's National Youth Week event.

In order for us to receive more back for the exhibition this year, we're after your help. If you would like to receive a bundle of sketchbooks for your students, please arrange a convenient drop-off process at your school. For example, your main office could act as a collection point for sketchbooks. We understand some people don't wish their sketchbooks to be part of the exhibition once they've finished filling them, and that is fine too.

Depending on your location, we may be able to pick the sketchbooks up on a specific date, or you may be able to arrange for these to be dropped off by a staff member at either Devonport Regional Gallery or Devonport LINC.

For more details about the Sketchbook Project, visit the Devonport Regional Gallery website.

If you wish to receive a bundle of sketchbooks, please get in contact with the Gallery.