Thursday, 3 March 2016

Mentors in Violence Prevention - Training day

Contact: Nathalie Servant, Launceston Safer Communities Partnership, City of Launceston
p: 0457 738 656   e:

Date: 9 March 2016          RSVP: 7 March 2016
Location: RACT Corporate Suite1, Level 4, Aurora Stadium, Launceston

Intended Audience: Princpals, Teachers, Parents, Teacher Aids

This workshop will tool you up to feel confident and act appropriately when witnessing acts of violence in the street, school, etc. The MVP philosophy uses a bystander approach to violence prevention.
The program was developed in the USA over 20 year ago and is now delivered in Australia through Griffith University's Research Fellow Dr Shannon Spriggs.
Workshop presenters are both trained by Dr Shannon Spriggs and in Launceston for the day.