Thursday, 24 March 2016

Infection Control Information/PD Session

Contact: Peter Galligan, Learning Services Southern Region
p: 0417 387 045   e:

Date: Friday April 8, 9 am - 10.30 am          RSVP: April 7
Location:  Letitia House, Mt Nelson

Intended Audience: Learning Services Southern Region Teachers and Teacher Assistants

Workshop for Teacher Aides and any staff involved in assisting students with high needs and disabilities.

Fiona Wilson clinical nurse/presenter  will speak on issues such as personal hygiene, waste handling, cleaning the environment, handling blood/body fluids, hand hygiene, skin care, transmission & chain of infection, precautions re flu/cold, immunization, epidemics/pandemics.

Please note that this session will be conducted before the Meal Management workshop  but is a separate presentation. Participants may choose to attend one or both sessions. Cost for Infection Control session is $15.00 per person.