Thursday, 17 March 2016

2016 Launceston Heritage Awards- Heritage Snap

Contact: Fiona Ranson, Launceston City Coucil

Date: Start Anytime          RSVP: Entries close 27 April
Location: Launceston

Intended Audience: Competition is open to Primary and High School Students.

The HERITAGE SNAP! photography awards for students in the Launceston area will once again be run in conjuction with the 2016 Launceston Heritage Awards.

The competition is open to primary and secondary students. By exploring and illustrating the City's cultural heritage in photographs, it is hoped we can encourage young people to take an interest and become inspired to preserve the history of this great city.
This year's theme is 'Rediscovering Launceston's Public Spaces'.

Submissions will ideally consist of digital images with accompanying text providing a brief explanation of the student's interest in the subject. These images, complete with text, may either be emailed or submitted on a USB memory stick. Entries for this year's awards will close 27 April.

Following the launch in late March, further information on the Awards and how to enter will be available.