Thursday, 11 February 2016

Visit Devonport Regional Gallery to take part in the FREE Little Aesthetics program

Contact: Dianne Sheehan, Devonport Regional Gallery
p: 0364248296   e:

Date: 6 February - 13 March 2016          RSVP: 13 March 2016
Location: Devonport

Intended Audience: Primary Teachers / Students

We invite you and your students to attend Devonport Regional Gallery to view our upcoming exhibition, Anne Morrison Preservation and Loss and take part in our popular Little Aesthetics program "inspiring young minds".

The work of Anne explores the delicately interconnected worlds of surrounding micro and macro environments. Staff will explore objects provided by Anne with students, discovering the macro environments through magnification, and engage in thought provoking discussion about the networks, patterns, rhythms and forms found in these objects in relation to Anne's work.
  • 30–60 minute sessions 
  • Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6
  • Program matched to Arts Curriculum
The process provides students with the confidence to talk about art and expand their capacity to perceive, explore, empathise and relate through the arts.