Thursday, 18 February 2016

TasICT Generations - Harper Read Technology Innovator

Contact: Will Kestin, TasICT

Date: 15 March 2016 - 1.00 pm          RSVP: ASAP
Location: Hotel Grand Chancellor

Intended Audience: ICT Teachers and Students

TasICT is proud to announce to launch our 'TasICT Generations' programme, we have secured one of the true global ICT legends to speak live in Hobart!

1:00 pm Student Presentation
Harper Reed is a US-based technology engineer, innovator and entrepreneur. He has been called a "tech pioneer" and a "digital wizard". He is fascinated by how technology continues to shape, transform and empower human behaviour. He is currently the Head of Commerce at Braintree, a PayPal Company.

Harper is a brilliant speaker on how technology can enhance business performance, foster organisational creativity and build strong teams. He also speaks eloquently on the state of data security on the internet and the demographics and constituencies of politics.

refer attached pdf for details