Thursday, 4 February 2016

Saver Plus - The Smith Family

Contact: Nicole Hacker, The Smith Family
p: 0448428043   e:

Date: Ongoing      
Location: Southern Tasmania North &North West

Intended Audience: Families, Teachers, Guidance Officers, Principals, Social Workers

The Smith Family is currently recruiting new participants to Saver Plus - a matched savings program that can help families establish a long-term savings habit, build their money management skills and knowledge, and save for education costs such as uniforms, books, school trips, computer equipment, sports and more.

Nicole and Sophie from The Smith Family are very happy to visit schools to discuss the program with key staff, and particularly to give short presentations to groups of parents (such as a session in the library, or to a LiL group). Get in touch! 0448 428 043 0457 715 248