Thursday, 25 February 2016

Primary Science and Geography - Hollybank Forest Reserve

Contact: Darcy Vickers, Forest Education Foundation Inc.
p: 6235 8240 m: 0417 532 058   e:

Date: Terms 1-4, 2016      
Location: Hollybank Forest Reserve

Intended Audience: Primary Schools - Launceston & North East

Meet the Forest Education Foundation teachers at the Hollybank Forest Reserve for a day of exploring forest ecosystems. Investigate the characteristics of different forest types, understand the links between the living and non-living components, discover tiny invertebrates, understand life cycles and adaptations.
As we move through the reserve students will locate features on a group map and discover the changing land uses over time and the significance of the area to the local community - all this through a range of hands-on activities.

Bring two classes - each will have an FEF teacher for the day and you can share the transport costs!

Our Risk Assessment Plan for the site is also available to assist you.