Thursday, 18 February 2016

Exhibtion - People Like Us

Contact: Birgitta Magnusson-Reid, Burnie Regional Art Gallery
p: 03-6430 5875   e:   w:

Date: Currently until Friday 4 March 2016          RSVP: N/A
Location: Burnie Regional Art Gallery

Intended Audience: All ages from Upper Primary and Up

The exhibition People Like Us is a diverse collection of recent new media works by Australian and international artists using film, animation, digital and interactive media.

Since its opening on Friday 29 January, People Like Us has proven to be extremely popular with young and old!
You can hop on a bike and ride around Sydney, have your heart rate interact with the art work, take a ride through blood vessels in your body, and relax to the sound of purring cats and more.
A National Exhibitions Touring Support Australia exhibition developed by UNSW Galleries and toured by Museums & Galleries of NSW
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