Thursday, 4 February 2016

DCC PADDLE POWER, Term 1, 2016

Contact: Sandra Kent, Canoe Tasmania
p: 0497 656 710   e:   w:

Date: Starting February 16 for 8 weeks every Tuesday at 4.30 pm
RSVP: Friday February 12
Location: Kingston Beach or Howden

Intended Audience: Junior Paddlers

The Derwent Canoe Club is a canoe sport and recreational canoeing club based in Hobart. The Club has been active across all areas of canoeing for the last 40 years.
The Paddle Power program is a program of the Club with the aim of encouraging and introducing junior paddlers to canoeing.

The program will involve 8 sessions of paddling and will introduce basic skills, safety and exploring waterways.

Whilst it is not intended that children will be swimming, it is possible that they may fall in and need to be prepared to get wet and be able to swim 2 meters.

Paddle Power Information
Paddle Power Registration Flyer