Thursday, 25 February 2016

Back to School Asthma Awareness Newsletter

Contact: Debra Banks, Asthma Foundation of Tasmania
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Intended Audience: All Educational Settings

Welcome to the new format for the Asthma Australia newsletter for schools and other education settings. 

Back to School Asthma Campaign
Every year there is a well-documented rise in asthma flare-ups and hospitalisations when students return to school after the Christmas break.  This year Asthma Australia has created a campaign for parents of students with asthma to prepare them for this worldwide phenomenon
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Asthma training for staff
Do you know what to do if faced with a student having an asthma flare-up?  Knowing the Australian protocol for Asthma First Aid can help you confidently deal with this situation.  

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Student asthma information sessions in schools
Our trainers can come to your school and provide tailored sessions to suit the needs of your students.  Sessions are available for all student age groups and include how to help a mate with asthma.  We can work with class groups, year groups or even an assembly

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Asthma Kids
Last year Asthma Australia launched the interactive website “Asthma Kids” for primary aged children. Thousands of kids have taken Chester’s Asthma Trail to learn more about asthma, what asthma feels like and how they can help a friend with asthma.  Now primary teachers can complete Asthma Kids with their class too

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Young people with asthma
Asthma Australia is progressing the National Young People and Asthma Strategy (NYPAS) working with key organisations supporting young people’s health.  The strategy targets 12-25 year old's and incorporates students in secondary schools. Read More