Thursday, 18 February 2016

ALEA Tas South: Exploring the Grammar Basics for Reading Comprehension

Contact: Margaret Luckman, ALEA Tas South

Date: Thursday 3 March 2016          RSVP: 25 February 2016
Location: Hobart

Intended Audience: Teachers Prep - Grade 6

Exploring the Grammar Basics for Reading Comprehension
Presented by Beryl Exley for ALEA Tas South

Thursday 3 March, 3:45-5:45 pm
Tasmanian Hockey Centre, Bell St, New Town

Workshop attendees will participate in four hands-on teaching lessons designed to help children to use their grammar knowledge to advance reading comprehension. Each activity can be applied to texts already being used in the classroom and fine-tuned to suit either beginning readers or more advanced readers.
The focus will be on:
  • Reading emotion in wordless picture books
  • Making sense of pronoun references in narratives
  • Colouring the clause participants, processes and circumstances to identify the missing elements
  • Targeting audience and purpose in information narratives.