Thursday, 15 October 2015

World Teacher's Day Morning Tea

Contact: Jon Hosford, The Christopher Strong Education Trust
World Education Forum Tasmania
p: 0419 317 808 0409 317 806   e:

Date: Friday October 31 2015      
Location: All Tasmanian Schools

Intended Audience: All Teachers

Celebrate your privilege as a teacher in Tasmania by organising a morning tea on World Teachers Day and contributing towards teacher training in Tanzania and assisting with the achievement of UNESCO's education goals.

Can you imagine teaching in a school with 850 students and only 2 teachers? The students may walk many kms to school each day hoping that today they might be allowed to learn.

YOU can help make a difference by organising a morning tea on World Teachers Day and celebrating your wonderful profession and the relatively great resources and professional support you enjoy as a teacher in Australia. In doing so, you can encourage donations towards a sustainable fund for training teachers in Tanzania through the Christopher Strong Education Trust, a division of the Launceston-based Care For Africa Foundation. You can download a poster and get further information on: or contact Jon or Margaret Hosford