Thursday, 15 October 2015

Teacher discussion notes for The Paradise Stain, by Nick Glade-Wright

Contact: Nick Glade-Wright, Author
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Date: Term 1 2016          RSVP:  Nov 1 2015
Location: Hobart

Intended Audience: Years 10 - 12

The Paradise Stain is a contemporary novel with an intriguing story. It touches on powerful themes sexual abuse, horrific refugee stories, prejudice through a uniquely Tasmanian reality show. Through the private life of the show's host the novel explores grief, trauma and letting go. An optimistic novel that navigates a tortuous path through a world that seems hell bent on destroying itself.

Set in and around Hobart, students will find many themes and places they will identify with. The novel flashes back to the Island of Crete in the 70's, another island paradise where dark deeds occurred.

Teachers and students alike will find The Paradise Stain a fascinating story that will bring up many points of discussion about human nature, family, society and our fragile world.
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