Thursday, 15 October 2015

Cyberbullying, Communicating Online - live virtual classrooms for students

Contact: Ken Price, Curriculum Services, Department of EducationTasmania

Date: 27 October, 30 October 2015        
Location: Online Via Virtual Learning Environment

Intended Audience: Teachers of Upper Primary Students.

In collaboration with the Office of the Children's e Safety Commissioner formerly called Cyber-smart, we are pleased to offer two live virtual classroom sessions on the topics of "Cyber-bullying" and "Communicating Online" to Department of Education schools.

One of these virtual classrooms could be of interest to a class in your school. They are aimed at Years 4/5/6.
Virtual Classroom 'Cyber-bullying'
Date/Time: Tuesday 27 October 2015 2:00 -2.40 pm

The presentation will assist students to:
  • Identify ways to manage and prevent cyber-bullying behavior
  • Seek support if they are experiencing cyber-bullying
  • Be 'good' bystanders if they witness cyber-bullying
  • Recognise bullying online 
  • Deal with cyber-bullying behavior.
With the help of classroom teachers, the presentation will feature interactive questions and answers.
Virtual Classroom 'Communicating Online'
Date/Time: Friday 30 October 2015  9:00-9.40 am

The presentation will assist students to:
  • Understand why online messages can be easily misunderstood
  • Recognise that messages can be hurtful even when this may not be the intent
  • Understand that non-verbal behaviors help us receive messages more than volume, pitch or words
  • Consider when teasing crosses the line and becomes harmful and hurtful 
  • Identify appropriate responses to someone communicating inappropriately.
Please note that the class teacher is required to organise 2 student volunteers prior to the presentation. During the Virtual Classroom, the trainer will instruct the students to speak to their class only for 30 seconds about their best holiday.
With the help of classroom teachers, the presentation will feature interactive questions and discussions.
Please register at the link provided.