Thursday, 3 September 2015

Little Aesthetics Education Program at Devonport Regional Gallery

Contact: Ellie Ray, Devonport Regional Gallery
p:  6424 8296   e:

Date: 7 September - 16 October 2015      
Location: Devonport

Intended Audience: Primary Teachers / Students

We invite teachers and their students to attend Devonport Regional Gallery to view our upcoming exhibition: Tara Badock Hunt Nature Birth, 2015 Solo Commission and participate in our Little Aesthetics program.

Through the presentation of various textile-based artworks, Tasmanian artist Tara Badcock's Solo Commission Hunt Nature Birth examines the dualities of motherhood and working as an artist. Her contemporary soft sculptures highlight physical and emotional changes and challenges inherent in motherhood.

The Gallery's Little Aesthetics Program draws on the broad themes found in Tara's work of nurture, shelter and survival. The feature of Little Aesthetics is the large bright yellow box on wheels. Tara has kindly offered a range of materials she commonly uses for the box, which students can touch and explore, leading to discussions about techniques and artistic intent.    Picture