Thursday, 3 September 2015

In Conversation with the Artist: Tara Badcock

Contact: Ellie Ray, Devonport Regional Gallery
p:  6424 8296   e:

Date: Tuesday 15 September 2015      
Location: Devonport

Intended Audience: Secondary & Tertiary Students

Tuesday 15 September, 11 am
Devonport Regional Gallery
Cost: Free

Hear from Tasmanian artist Tara Badcock as she speaks about her journey developing work for the 2015 Solo Commission Hunt Nature Birth at Devonport Regional Gallery.

While much of Tara's art practice has evolved around creating salable pieces for her small business, she continues to refine her contemporary soft sculptures within a conceptual framework focusing on feminine issues. The choice of fabrics and design play a crucial role in the fusion of concepts and design creating unique objects for contemplative viewing.

Over the past twelve months Tara Badcock has used the Solo Commission to test the boundaries of her practice and complete a body of work that is commensurate with her role as both practicing artists and parent of two small children.    PICTURE

Image: Tara Badcock, The Index of Her Mind, six of six, 2015, silk, lace, glass beads, wood, staples, glue.