Thursday, 10 September 2015

Illuminate: NextGen Challenge

Illuminate: NextGen Challenge
Date: 28 September - 2 October      
Location: TasTafe - Campbell Street Campus

Intended Audience: Teachers & College Students

Why not let young people create the jobs for the future that they want? Tasmania is undergoing a difficult transition at the moment with jobs being lost across the state, and the hardest hit group is young people. Presently there is over 7700 young people across the state currently out of work, which as a percentage is the worst in the country. If established businesses are not employing young people, then who is going to create the jobs that will let them work and make money?

That is the challenge set by Adam Mostogl of Illuminate Education and Consulting for the NextGen Challenge 5-day program to be held at TasTAFE, Campbell Street campus at the end of next month.

What is the NextGen Challenge I hear you ask?
  • Students are divided into teams in competition with each other to develop a business that solves a problem in our community in five days. Students have to produce a business plan with two years of financial forecasting, deliver a sales pitch, and create elements of a marketing strategy including radio and newspaper advertisements.
  • Students are assisted with a number of speakers from the business and education community to provide students with real world advice that would benefit the creation of the submissions, while also leaving a lasting impact
  • The skills are not just ones useful for running a business, as students learn about stress and team management, independent learning, budgeting, planning, creative thinking and speaking in public which will impact them for the rest of their schooling and working lives.
Who is Adam Mostogl?
Founder / Inspirer and Program Manager of illuminate Education and Consulting and "2015 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year"! To find out more about Adam and his achievements please     FLYER

Registrations now open: So, if you feel inspired and you know of students or family members who would benefit from this program then ask them to!