Thursday, 13 August 2015

Learning resources and activities for Anti-Poverty Week

Contact: Helen Hortle, A Fairer World
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Location: Tasmania

Intended Audience: All Teachers

It's easy to get your students thinking about the causes and consequences of poverty around the world.

Our youth website contains
• Recommended educational web links on poverty
• Links to great multimedia (videos and games) suitable for the classroom
• Contacts for local organisations involved in poverty relief
• Ways for schools to get involved

The Australian Anti-Poverty Week website contains
• Recent fact sheets & videos
• Recent reports and papers
• Recent local area data
• Helpful websites

The Tasmanian Anti-Poverty Week Coalition will be running activities, such as
Through the Eyes of our Children: an arts display and presentation, showcasing how local school children in grades 5 and 6 view the world they currently live in and how they imagine a world they would like to live in. Organised by the Salvation Army at Brighton Civic Centre, 13 October.

School presentation visiting Tasmania
BOOK the Teaspoons of Change presentation for your school in November/December. Presenter D'Arcy Lunn has been travelling for 15 years, given over 400 presentations and worked with leading aid, development and global education organisations.

Student workshops & teacher resources locally
We have a huge range of resources on poverty and related topics including the following specially developed school workshops: FLYER
  • The Hobart Human Library, in which people who have encountered discrimination are 'books' for others to read. Sessions for schools and workplaces provide a fun approach to breaking down barriers - it's difficult to maintain prejudices when engaging face to face.
  • Global poverty simulations on Education, Food & Water, Health Care, and Work developed by A Fairer World and Filipino child advocates Bahay Tuluyan.
  • Global Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals" developed by A Fairer World specifically for the TCE Health Studies and AAP curricula but adaptable to other curriculum areas such as gender studies or human rights.
Contact us for more information: or 03 6223 1025

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