Thursday, 20 August 2015

Aussie Backyard Bird Count

Contact: Stacey Maden, BirdLife Australia
p: (03) 9347 0757 ext 253   e:

Date: 19-25 October 2015        
Location: Australia Wide

Intended Audience: All students

BirdLife Australia is excited to announce that the Aussie Backyard Bird Count (ABBC) is back for its second year.

From 19 - 25 October 2015, during national Bird Week, thousands of bird-loving Australians will be found in backyards of all shapes and sizes spotting their local birds and discovering how they are coping in the spaces we share. Participants are asked to spend 20 minutes in their favourite green patch and record all birds seen on the Aussie Bird Count App (or website). Throughout the week, participants can instantly see live statistics on how many people are taking part and the number of birds and species counted both locally and nationally.

The Bird Count is a fantastic opportunity to meet the wildlife in your own backyard and makes for a fun activity for schools, clubs and other community groups.

The Aussie Backyard Bird Count aims to promote awareness and support for Australian birds across Australia. Furthermore, data provided from the bird count will provide BirdLife Australia with important data to form a more detailed picture of how Australian bird species are faring.

You don't need to be an experienced bird watcher to take part as there will be a fully interactive app with a section provided to help you with bird identification.

Please see the Attached PDF for further information about how you can participate.

With over 800,000 birds counted last year we are aiming for one million birds this year!