Thursday, 23 July 2015

United Language Institute - Weekend Language School

Contact: Roxy Petterson, United Language Institute

Date: Term 3 Saturdays July 25 - Sept 19          RSVP: Enrol by July 24 through
Location: Launceston, Scotch Oakburn Middle School

Intended Audience: Teachers, Parents, Children

A program designed to immerse students in their second language of choice through playful and fun activities. The perfect relaxed setting where children are invited to explore new skills and open a world of possibilities by broadening their cultural knowledge and language skills. Children are invited to a journey of discovery of the most interesting cultural facts of a language, thus understanding the importance and relevance of developing second language skills in an interconnected and multicultural world.

The program caters from toddlers to High School students and the resources and curriculum are adapted to the age group and specific learning stages and necessities.

Courses have a duration of 9 weeks coinciding with School terms:

Languages: Mandarin, French, Italian, German

Age groups:
12-14 *Only Mandarin
15-18 *Only Mandarin

Duration of lessons: 1.5 hours
When: Saturdays 9-10:30 am & 10:30-12 pm
Where: Scotch Oakburn Middle School, 80 Penquite Road, Launceston.
Fees: 540 aud/course (9 weeks, 1.5h lesson per week). All materials included.

Family concession: 40% for additional child (2,3, 4…)