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Register your interest for Junction Arts Festival: 2-6 September 2015

Contact: Nora Jackson, Junction Arts Festival
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Date: 2-6 September 2015        
Location: Launceston CBD

Intended Audience: Principals, Teachers, Families, Youth & Children

Junction Arts Festival returns 2-6 September 2015 with performances and arts activities for children, young people, school groups and families.

We would like as many students as possible to experience this unique event.

Junction offers tailored, affordable and age-specific packages to school groups that take place at our Children's zone, The Junc Yard situated in Launceston's Civic Square.

This year we will be offering full and half day itineraries for primary school groups on Thursday 3 September and Friday 4 September. Admission: $5 per student for multiple shows, events and activities.

Performances suitable for high school and college students will also be available throughout the Festival.

Quote from a student attending Junction Arts Festival in 2014
Art can be education."

Over the past five years, Junction has been dedicated to providing and increasing opportunities for schools, teachers, students and families to expand learning, engagement, excitement and experimentation in education by involving them in the Festival.

Through specific projects, we have involved groups of children and youth from different neighbourhoods, socio-economic backgrounds, cultures, and religions, supporting and encouraging learning, experimentation, inclusivity, pride of place, and tolerance.

We believe that participation in the arts and Junction can contribute to increased participation, engagement and interest at school, increased understanding of ideas and lateral thinking, critical awareness, communication skills and confidence, and for teachers and schools, an increased understanding of new approaches to learning and education through the Festival, and engagement.

As part of our Education Program, we have implemented ongoing evaluations and assessments, through pre and post surveys with children and teachers. Data analysis from 2014 indicated that attending Junction:

• was of educational value
• increased students' confidence
• hightened students' enagement and pride of the community
• made students and teachers want to visit Junction again this year.

At Junction, we are committed to supporting education and increasing the value of learning in our community through the arts in fun, experiential and creative ways through the Festival.

Register your interest or for further information contact:
Nora Jackson, Education Liaison
p: 6331 1309


Bookings will be open in early July with our Program Launch and ticket sales.

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