Thursday, 23 July 2015

Diabetes in Schools- program reminder- 31st July, 2015

Contact: Judy Walsh, John Morris Diabetes Centre
p: 03 63362145   e:

Date: 31 July 2015          RSVP: 27 July 2015
Location: John Morris Diabetes Centre, Northern Integrated Care Centre
Launceston General Hospital, 41 Frankland Street,

Intended Audience: Teachers, Aids, Student Teachers, First Aid Officers , Psychologists and Social Workers, support staff and anyone involved caring for children with diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a growing medical condition; it is likely to have one or more children in your school with diabetes.
Registration Form & Flyer
You are invited to a 1 or 2 session program that aims to enhance your knowledge, understanding and confidence in supporting children and young people in your care.
SESSION 1 - Intro to diabetes

Areas covered include:
 Diabetes, cause, diagnosis and management
  • The principles of healthy eating
  • Target blood glucose levels and what affects them
  • Prevent, identify and treat "Hypos" (low blood glucose levels)
  • Identify and manage Hyperglycaemia (high blood glucose levels)
  • Exercise, illness and stress effects
  • Diabetes and "sick days"
  • School excursions, camps and exams
  • Different ages and stages of diabetes management
  • Your duty of care to students with diabetes
  • School management plan(s)
  • Resources and equipment
SESSION 2 - Intro to insulin pumps
What will you get:
  • Insulin pumps, who, what, when, where & why
  • Carbohydrate awareness and 
  • Intro to carbohydrate counting
  • Pump features and 'Button pushing'-hands on session
  • Managing high blood glucose levels with pumps
  • Managing low blood glucose levels when pumping
  • Administering correctional boluses-practical session
  • Trouble Shooting