Thursday, 23 July 2015

Deeper Understanding of Grief and Loss

Contact: Jane Oakley-Lohm, Balancing of Life Counselling
p: 0438 681 390   e:

Date: 18 Sept 2105          RSVP: 11 Sept 2105
Location: Launceston

Intended Audience: Teachers, Parents, Senior Pupils

Leave with a greater understanding of what really is grief and loss.
How does this effect us
What are the emotions and body responses surrounding grief
Look at western society grief journey and compare this to older cultures grief journey
Older cultures around the world often have strategies to work through grief, where as western society often does not
Compare working through grief as an individual verses community cultural support

This full day training includes Australian Counselling Association approved 12 Professional Development Points

Jane is a: Counsellor/ Mediator/ Trainer/Assessor/ Project Manager
Janes knowledge of grief is from managing a project in Central Australia for the Northern Territory Government. The project looked at all the cultures and religions of the area, what did they use to support them through grief, was it still accessible and if not make recommendations to the Government